Adrian Costa


Adrian Costa born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 1979, is the guitar player and singer from LOS REYES DEL K.O. with Marcos Coll.

He already participated in several bands:
Buddy Miles (with Tonky Blues Band). Mick Taylor ( with Tonky Blues Band). Chris Rannenberg, Bruce Ewan Blues Band, Aron Burton Blues Band, Guitar Crusher Band, George Green Band, Amar Sundy Band, EB Davis and Superband, Tonky Blues Band, Lady Bianca Band, Mark Hummel and the Blues Survivals.

And worked with remarked musicians:
Tino Gonzales, Tonky de Peña (the boss), Roby "Supersax" Edwards, Billy Boy Arnold, Keith Dunn, Herb Hardesty,ñaco Goñi, Sax Gordon.

Remarked musicians that he has jammed with:
Little Willie Littlefield, Charly Musselwhite, Kenny Neal, The Nighthawks, James Levy, Steve Guyger, Nick Curran, Bobby Radcliff, Ann Rabson, Kelvin Dixon, Sugar G Robinson, Steve Gannon.