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Arthur Autumn is Brent Arthur Nuffer, a  prolific songwriter/singer from Michigan, now living in Los Angeles, California.  Nuffer is also known for his work in the Detroit/East  Lansing based band Studiotone.  After releasing two records with the band, 2000’s Digital Radio and 2003’s Where You Left Off,  Nuffer began to branch out musically with a yearning to explore other  musical interests.  As much as he loves the raw energy & spirit of  Rock & Roll, there were other elements deep within him just waiting  to be explored. At which time ArthurAutumn was created.

Arthur is the middle name given to Nuffer.  It was also his Grandfathers  name, a kind and gentle man. Nuffer was very close to his Grandfather  and the name was picked in part as a tribute to him.  Combining his many  influences from Bob Dylan to Nick Drake, Neil Young to Billie Holiday,  Nuffer began to compose songs with a more mellow and expansive vibe,  with the lyrics proving to be much more personal than ever before.   Early into 2005, Nuffer met Zack Pearce, a gifted musician/producer from  fellow local East Lansing band The Flow.  They developed a fast  friendship, and shared similar musical interests.  Within a month or so,  Nuffer gave a rough recording of some songs he had written to Zack and  asked him to listen.  Zack liked what he heard from the recordings and  saw within Nuffer a gifted songwriter and a voice that can evoke the  deepest emotion out of the listener.  In 2005 they began recording the  songs of which would become StyrofoamPillsHeartbreakShaker,  a dark and moody album and sonically expansive, designed to send the  listener on a journey through many thoughts and feelings.  It was a dark  period for Nuffer, much of that can be heard within the deeply personal  lyric that surrounded the album.  The album was released in 2006, and  embraced by college radio, and met with critical acclaim.  The singles “Always On My Mind“, “Hold On” and “Empty Heart” helped launch great interest in this rising songwriter.

During the summer of 2007, in an effort to expand even further both  musically and geographically, Nuffer made the long trek out West to  California.  On a tour that spanned the length of the country, in  support of StyrofoamPillsHeartbreakShaker,  Nuffer continued to gain interest in the album across the country.  He  settled in Los Angeles and quickly began playing shows from Venice to  San Francisco, along the way meeting new people and new musicians to  work with.  Always looking to expand and explore musically, Nuffer would  experiment with strings, and piano becoming present at live shows.  In  2009 ArthurAutumn was invited to perform at a Birthday Tribute to the  late great Jeff Buckley who was a great influence upon Nuffer.

In July 2010, Nuffer made a phone call to Michigan-based  songwriter/producer Andy Reed.  After an extended growth period and a  handful of songs written, a new album began to take shape.  These songs  would make up the album Sir Orchid & The Magnificent.   As a writer and artist that is always interested in reinventing  himself, Nuffer embarked on an album that would continue to expand upon  the horizon of his work.  The songs would be composed in California and  recorded with Andy in his Michigan studio.  With an importance of  creating a collection of songs for an album, Nuffer turned to classic  records of the past for influence.  From the song selections to the  artwork, it harkens back to the days when records were seen as a whole  piece, a body of work meant to be listened to as a collective.  The  album explores the many sounds and influences that Nuffer grew up  listening to along the way.

Sir Orchid & The Magnificent was released summer of 2011.

In 2009, the Los Angeles ROCKANDROLL outfit BARBARIAN OVERLORDS was  formed. With Nuffer being no stranger to ROCK music, yet this band was  unexplored territory and a different breed all together.  BARBARIAN  OVERLORDS crushing raw ROCKANDROLL sound, with a deep slant in the  Blues, found Nuffer roaring like never before, and adding Blues  harmonica to his repertoire.   When Nuffer answered a Craigslist ad from  Drummer Brandon Kachel and Guitarist Joseph Spadaro, the process  began.  A few days later the Kachel, Spadaro and Nuffer got together in a  rehearsal space and jammed on the Robert Johnson song, “Sweet Home  Chicago,” and a number of Led Zeppelin songs.

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By the end of the off the cuff jam, a new band was formed.  Bassist Gk Via would join the band in  2010 to complete the four piece outfit.  In early 2011, the band  released it’s self titled debut album.  The band could soon be found  playing all across Los Angeles and throughout California, venues such as  The Troubador, The Whiskey, The Viper Room, The Key Club, The Roxy  Theater, Molly Malones and numerous others.  In January of 2014 the band  released it’s second album, the expansive Rise Up.  The album Rise Up  showed much growth from within the band, setting it apart from it’s  predecessor.  The expansive sound found the band exploring more folk  acoustic sounds which are present on the song “Stillness & The  Bee,”  the crushing sounds of “Hang Me From The Moon,” to the strong pop  elements and strong song craft on songs like “Your Love Is Like  Gasoline,” “Red” and “The Harvester.”  Also notable was the lengths of  songs such as “Jester For A King,” and “Ego Eye,” launching the band  into epic tales, taking the listener on a journey full of lyrical and  musical dynamics.

2015 found Nuffer looking to branch out once again.  In September  2015, Nuffer formed JETLEMONS with friends and fellow musicians based in  Los Angeles.

After a conversation with a friend and fellow musician Cody Jones in  Malibu, over a few pints of beer on a Sunday afternoon, a new band band  was envisioned.  JETLEMONS name was based around the Detroit Tigers  Baseball player Chet Lemon, of whom Nuffer would watch as a little boy  when his Grandfather Arthur would take him to baseball games.  Nuffer  and Jones would enlist BARBARIAN OVELORDS Bass Player Gk Via to play  guitar, Three Trees Bass Player Ken Christenson, and new to town  Musicians Institute student Keith Campbell.  By November, JETLEMONS  would perform Nirvana’s Nevermind in it’s entirety, front to back.  In  March, JETLEMONS would go on to perform the classic Radiohead album The  Bends in it’s entirety.  This was both a learning experience for the  newly formed band, and an experiment in something that a band had not  done before.  There is cover bands, and tribute bands, but not bands  that take on and cover classic albums in full, with the depth and range  this band is capable of.  JETLEMONS are currently composing their own  material.  The rest is future.

I have been using Hohner Harmonicas for quite some time now.  I tend to use the Hohner Special 20, for a more rootsy sound with my more acoustic solo work ArthurAutumn.  It has a nice folk type feel against my acoustic and raspy voice. In BARBARIAN OVERLORDS, I turn to the Hohner Blues Harp MS, for a more fat Chicago Blues type sound.  Being a ROCKANDROLL Singer first, I attack the Harmonica as I sing, with a lot of force.  The Hohner Blues Harp MS tends to allow me to "hit it hard" and it still holds up, in addition it grants me the ability to bend the reeds smoothly in and out of notes like butter.  I look forward to a long lasting relationship with the good people at Hohner, and I'm honored to be apart of the Hohner Family.

Brent A. Nuffer (ArthurAutumn/BARBARIAN OVERLORDS)


- Digital Radio-Studiotone 2000
- Where You Left Off-Studiotone 2003
- StyrofoamPillsHeartbreakShaker-ArthurAutumn-2006
- Sir Orchid & The Magnificent-ArthurAutumn 2011 (iTunes link below)
- Rise Up-BARBARIAN OVERLORDS 2014 (iTunes link below)


Barbarian Overlords / Arthur Autumn