Chicas de Canela


Cynthia "Cynni" Rangel was born in Seattle, Washington. Music got her attention at an early age. Around the age of 4, she developed an interest in creating melodies on the piano, which led her to learn to play by ear on her own. She eventually began classical piano lessons at age 6. Coming from a long line of musicians, she had a natural musical ability. She played percussion, woodwinds, and brass in the school band. She also taught herself basics on the bass guitar and acoustic guitar, all by the age of 14. Around that time, she picked up the accordion, and decided to focus on that, while continuing with her piano training. With a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission, she learned traditional conjunto / tejano accordion music from her father, Cruz, a master teacher of tradition. At that time, she began playing keyboards and accordion in their band.

In 2003, Cynni relocated to San Antonio, Texas to see what other musical options were available. After touring with various south Texas artists, she met the musicians who would later become Chicas de Canela. Cynni finally settled in Corpus Christi, and formed the all girl band, with the help of three time Grammy winner, Ricardo Rosales, who is also their producer,.

Chicas de Canela signed to the multiple Grammy award winning company of Freddie Records in Fall 2007. Her signature vallenato sound comes only from Hohner accordions. Having the opportunity to work with Hohner Accordions as an endorsee is an accomplishment she feels very proud of: "Hohner is the brand of accordion that many generations of my family have played. I feel very privileged to be part of this renowned company, full of tradition."

The band's debut album, self titled, was released in April 2008, and received a Latin Grammy Nomination for Best Cumbia/ Vallenato Album Of The Year. The album also received the award for "Best Tropical Album" at Premios A La Musica Latina in 2009.