Darrell Mansfield


Regarded as one of the world's finest harmonica players, Blues Hall of Fame inductee Darrell Mansfield started his music career in 1974 with a band called Jubal. Mansfield's band changed it's name to Gentle Faith, releasing their first album in 1976. Three years later, Mansfield formed Darrell Mansfield Band, releasing the first of his over 30 albums. Mansfield's blues style vocals and harmonica playing and engaging performances have gained him an International following. Over the years Mansfield toured heavily and has continued to be on the forefront of blues music both gospel and mainstream, releasing critically acclaimed albums including his latest, "Born to Be Wild". Mansfield has also contributed harmonica to many other artists recordings as well including albums by Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Adam Again and Loverboy.

In 1980, Mansfield was inducted into the Hohner Harmonica Hall of Fame. Wikipedia says of Darrell Mansfield, "His live performances are a must see and hear for blues and harmonica fans world wide."


The Darrell Mansfield Band

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