A+ Student Guitars

A+ Student Guitars

Hohner Inc. is pleased to introduce the A+ line of student guitars. Hohner continues to improve the player’s experience by incorporating over 35 improved product features and specialized manufacturing processes to maximize a guitar’s performance. The A+ series offers nylon and steel string instruments that encompass a wide range of sizes:

Nylon - AC02 half-size, AC03 three quarter-size, AC03T three quarter-size with on-board tuner, AC06 full-size, AC06E full-size w/pickup.

Steel - AS03 three quarter-size, AS200 seven eighths-size, AS220 full-size dreadnought

The A+ series incorporates over 35 attributes of strict production requirements such as: properly seasoned wood, pressurized gluing procedures, specially designed neck blocks, and a strong multi-pin body/neck joint.

Additional A+ by Hohner student guitar features include a unique bracing design, specified fret size and installation techniques, proper neck angles, and standardized matched top tints by a special hue matching technique. The result is more stable, reliable guitars with improved tactile response, accurate intonation, better tone and increased volume - optimized for maximum playability. All A+ guitars are packaged in a full color box with multiple languages. “We believe in giving student players of all ages, sizes and skill levels the best possible instruments to continue their musical experiences,” stated Product Manager Rock Clouser. “We believe that it is important to create instruments that encourage and inspire new musicians,” he added.